About us:

Kallis German Butcher Shop
in Port Charlotte.
We are your neighborhood butcher & specialties shop in  Florida with the highest quality products.
We hand cut all of our meats and use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in all our products. The best place to buy top-quality meat & sausage products.meats and use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in all of our products. Family owned and operated since 1985 in Port Charlotte, we use German family recipes that we brought to Florida from Germany. By using only the finest and freshest ingredients, we are able to offer authentic products with an original German taste. You will find homemade Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Wiener, Frankfurters, Blutwurst, Liverwurst, Zwiebelwurst, as well as smoked meats, cold cuts, salami, hams, and bacon. Many of our products are made from original German recipes handed down through the generations.
Once you walk through the door, you'll know we are much more than a typical butcher. We also offer a wide variety of German groceries and specialties. Cheese, Sweets, Baking ingredients, German Specialties, Beers, and much, much more.

Our store is very centrally located at the Highway US 41, 2420 Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte. The parking is very comfortably arranged around the store.

Welcome to Kallis German Butcher Shop

Our History

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About us:
In 1985 Manfred Kallnishkies, originally from Hamburg in Germany founded the Kallis German Butcher Shop in Port Charlotte, Florida. Manfred earned a Master's DEGREE in Germany and learned his master's knowledge from Karl Schwarz – a Hamburg, Germany, Butcher with 60 years of experience.
Manfred's wife Monika, is organizing the store and everything around the customer service. As soon as the customer enters the clean and well-lighted store and sees the great choice of meat and the typical German grocery items, they feel at home. But not only Germans are shopping here, but the Americans also love Kallis as well.
Manfred brought many master butcher secrets and meat-cutting techniques to Florida and he understands to produce his products with as low fat as possible and the highest taste you can imagine, starting a lot of convinced and loyal regular customers of Kallis. The over 100 different kinds of sausages are also very special because of the spices. Manfred also smokes some sausages for a deep rich flavor and prepares his great variety of meat and sausage without preservatives.

But Kallis is also a grocery store with a wide range of products. For instance, here you find a lot of special and good tasting cheeses and special European sandwich spreads. Also, the German sweets and cookies choice is not only limited to the special season, like Christmas or Easter. You find almost every great-tasting German sweet in Kallis German Butcher Shop.

Welcome to Kallis German Butcher Shop in Port Charlotte!